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– Cat 7 is not a real IEEE recognized ethernet standard.

It's also a lot older than most think and is not actually newer than cat6 or cat6A.

Cat5E is rated for short-ranged NBASE-T multigigabit (2.5 and 5). Not rated, but some people have success with very short range 10GbE. Don't count on it.
Cat6 is rated for 10GbE up to 55m.
Cat6A is rated for 10GbE up to 100m (which is the maximum length of *regular* base-t speeds, there are some long-distance specs out there that honestly are probably better served with fiber)
Cat8 is rated for 25 or 40GbE (per the standard, though I can't say I've ever seen any equipment for it, and I SELL cisco gear)

– cat5e and/or cat 6 will support up to 1000 megabits up to 100 meters (~330 ft)
Also, you're either going to connect at 100Megabit, or 1000Megabit - there is no "200Megabit" link.

- I've gotten solid 10Gbps on cat 5e, just depends on length and environment.

– Used mine from my router to LG OLED 65" UHD TV - streaming and smart features work great.

– If your receiving 3 Mbps and your Xbox is downloading at 90% that total Then no. If you are paying for 75mbps and your Xbox downloads games at 500-1000 Kbps then yes this will improve.

With that said. If your are using an Ethernet cable already and you swap it for this then I it will not improve performance.

If lag is an issue and you're connected Ethernet. And your house has above 25 Mbps. Internet speed I would suggest looking at hardware..

– Yes this Ethernet sealed cable is very durable , it can be buried under ground and it weather proof , highly recommended, I used this to run from back of my house (closest to our main router ) out to my mancave garage ! I buried it cable about 6 inches below ground surface with flat headed shovel.

–CCA is copper plated aluminum. My opinion not as good quality wise or strength wise. Much lighter when you pick it up. Often hidden in the description as CCA but yes it is a solid conductor. Construction of this item was very good except I do not prefer aluminum conductors and that was not made clear in the description..

– Technically speaking,, TIA has no standard as CAT6E. There is CAT6 and CAT6A. Anyone claiming their cables are "VERIFIED" or "CERTIFIED" to be CAT6E are lying. Can't be certified to a standard that doesn't exist.

– One box of 1000ft (not 100ft), each box 1 color.

–Yes, just make sure you get the cat6 ends and crimper. They make a few different ends for cat6 but those are just an option on which one you like better. I bought the RJ54 plastic ends where the cable goes completely through it and gets cut off when you crimp it. It was hard to get use to doing it this new way but it does work..

– Based on the info in the 2nd picture, the insulated wire diameter of this cable is around 0.95mm. The Cat6 connector (ASIN: B0C3HLM6RG) is compatible with insulated wire diameters ranging from 0.95-1.03mm and should work well for your needs..

– Yes, POE cameras can be powered by this cable. Just make sure your switch is a POE switch. Also, most cameras take 8-12 watts to power them through POE. So 4 cameras then the POE switch needs to be able to put out 48 watts or more. If you look up the specs on your POE switch it will tell you what it can handle total or on each port.